Friday, December 12, 2008

Hundred Dollar Nail Salon Trip

Good Morning Girls... Well I have just been introduced to this video and thought I would share it with the rest of you. Some of you may have seen this and some may have not but I have got to say this is "me" for sure at the nail salon... the funny thing is when I leave I feel like I just got the major bend over without even being kissed and i'm scratching my head saying "how in the hell did I just end up spending almost a hundred dollars for a damn fill and spa pedicure and I still gotta tip the bitch?" I'm telling you I think these people see us coming from a mile away. Your first trip ever to a new salon "THEY KNOW" you are a new customer and this is when it all starts..The first time you get the royal treatment, beautiful perfect nails.. nice long foot massage (at no additional cost) with your pedicure and you walk out actually paying the price you figured it would be....then as you start to become the frequent customers as I am at my local nail salon this is when you start getting the "MAJOR BENDOVER"...they start rushing through everything, the foot massages start to become about two minutes long if your lucky, every little item seems to be at an additional cost, you have to listen to them talk among themselves in their language, which they all know we can't understand but damn "I know they are talking about me" and they are asking you would you like this or that and your agreeing to it all really NOT understanding what you just said yes to ....till of course it's too late now and your up at the counter paying this outrageous bill......anyways with that being said cause I could go on and on regarding these "little nail natzi's" CHECK OUT THIS LINK !!!! SAYS IT ALL

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starbucks Frustration

Ok I dont't know about the rest of you but every morning I have gotta have my starbucks...It seems to me that somewhere along the way I have become an addict !! I'm not sure what it is that they have put in this drink that makes me continue to spend $5.00 on the damn thing, but I swear I could be dead ass broke and still manage to find the money to make it there everyday like some damn "Crack" addict. But my biggest frustration with them is the non-urgency attitude, like all of us have all damn day to sit around and read the paper and listen to jazz...(well at this time it seems to be Christmas music)....Don't these people understand that some of us have got to be somewhere!!! (u know work)..and then of course you have the dumb ass in front of you that has been spending a good twenty minutes themselves waiting to order their drink and then finally make it to the counter for them to ask you "what would you like" ? and this idiot now spends another 5 minutes looking over the menu...couldnt you have this figured out by now !!!...... geeezzzz it's coffee damn it order already so I can get the hell out of here, only to sit in a nice looonnnggg drive to Anaheim (thanks Les) ..So please pick up the pace....I really wish I could hang out with you all at starbucks all day but unfortunately someone is waiting for me !!!

How Did This Happen ????

Ok ......What just happend ? For some odd reason I have seemed to be sucked into this blogging crap. First it all started with my just slightly off cousin Lesley.. (you know I love you/ crazy biatch) I have to say I look forward to reading her blogs though, they do bring laughter to my day, she is quite the creative writter, I will give her that. Actually I think maybe she missed her calling, you should consider writting like something along the lines of "Dear Abby" crap with more of a "Howard Stern" edge but anyways ..... then I made the second mistake of sending Lesley's blog to my ex-sisnlaw Candi (again ....another crazy biatch) and now she has started one. So here I am sucked into the world of blogging for some god unknown reason.... well guess we will see how this goes...I seem a little confused...but whats new ???