Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Did This Happen ????

Ok ......What just happend ? For some odd reason I have seemed to be sucked into this blogging crap. First it all started with my just slightly off cousin Lesley.. (you know I love you/ crazy biatch) I have to say I look forward to reading her blogs though, they do bring laughter to my day, she is quite the creative writter, I will give her that. Actually I think maybe she missed her calling, you should consider writting like something along the lines of "Dear Abby" crap with more of a "Howard Stern" edge but anyways ..... then I made the second mistake of sending Lesley's blog to my ex-sisnlaw Candi (again ....another crazy biatch) and now she has started one. So here I am sucked into the world of blogging for some god unknown reason.... well guess we will see how this goes...I seem a little confused...but whats new ???


Brianna said...

uh oh. Welcome to the blogging world :)

Lesley said...

Welcome to the club! We have Jackets! "Blog Or Be Blogged!"